Strategic Planning

Determine where you want to go and how to get there by developing specific strategies, business plans and measurable and attainable organizational goals.


Entrepreneurial Leadership and Strategic Thinking

Learn the components all entrepreneurs need to master to unlock the door to personal and organizational success.


Executive Leadership

Create an exciting environment about operationalizing the established vision; lead people to higher performance.


Management Development

Develop skills needed to do more with less; make management development not only possible but eminently profitable.


Supervisory Development

Make supervisor and team leadership a powerful force that assures the development of organizational goals through its people.


Customer Loyalty

Identify what customers want, and how individual interaction with every customer contributes to customer loyalty and overall success.


Sales Development

Develop a skilled, successful sales staff, unite sales skills with a personal development system to realize higher levels of achievement.



An organizational assessment tool that provides information as to how well critical elements of the organization are working together to achieve organization goals.


Annual Goals Review

Identify and prioritize defined measurements for success, crystallize those things that are important, define the plan to see those things come true.


Time Strategies

Overcome procrastination, prioritize and determine that each remaining day of your life will return the personal and professional rewards that you desire.


Supply Chain Planning

Reduce inventory costs through more accurate forecasting and better inventory planning


Executive Coaching

On demand or scheduled coaching sessions for executives who want someone with a depth of experience to come along side them as an advisor, sounding board, change agent, and friend.




“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to discover it in himself.”

Galileo Galilei 1564 – 1642, Italian physicist and astronomer

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Tailored Solutions

In designing business growth plans, one size does not fit all.  JMK Associates tailors business growth activities to meet individual needs.  For example, one organization might need help with strategic planning, while another already has a plan that needs operationalizing.   Or maybe your organization would benefit from leadership development activities.  Whatever the need, we design a solution to fit your particular growth need. 



Sound planning, efficient and effective processes, motivated and focused people, all supported by a solid foundation of ethics and beliefs results in delighted customers which leads to business growth.


JMK Associates LLC partners with our clients to deliver tailored solutions designed to meet unique client needs.  Solutions may include elements from the following areas:

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