Success is never final!”

Winston Churchill

JMK Associates offers a series of seminars.  We are still in the process of scheduling.  Check back here for schedule information.

The Leadership Series

1. The First Step to Great Leadership—Creating a Compelling Vision

· How to create a compelling vision that INSPIRES

· Six key elements to effectively communicate your Vision

· How to get everyone focused on the right RESULTS

2. The Real Leadership Challenge—Getting & Maintaining Peak Performance

· The Formula for Success—what they never taught you in school

· A simple 7 step process to reach all of your business (and personal) goals

· How you can learn more effectively and teach others for maximum retention

3. How to Outperform and Outlast the Competition—Embracing Change

· How to exploit change for maximum growth

· The 4 reasons why people resist change and how to overcome them

· 5 strategies for organizational change


The Sales Series

1. Filling Your Sales Funnel—Managing Your Sales Funnel for Better Results

· Identifying qualified “Suspects”

· Creating  Prospects from Suspects

· Prospecting those who want to buy your products and services

· Developing referral sources

· Defining  Centers Of Influence

· Understanding the SWARM technique


2. Increasing Sales Through Networking

· Why should you network?

· Developing a positive attitude for networking

· Preparing for networking events

· Tips for successful networking

· Networking etiquette

· Maintaining your network

2. Winning At Sales

· Creating a sales attitude

· Prospecting those who want to Buy your products and services

· Identifying and understanding the Buying/Selling process

· Learn to ask effective Questions

· Strategies to transforming your organization into a sales dynamo

· Leading your organization to focus on results


The Customer Loyalty Series (New—More details later)

1. Increase Sustained Profitability—Developing a Customer Loyalty Strategy

2. Key Measurements for Building a Loyal Customer Base

3. The Power of Customer Loyalty—Points of Connection

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Free Seminars for Non-Profits and Business Associations

JMK Associates will  be glad to conduct any of these seminars for your non-profit or business association  free of charge providing you do the promotion and provide the materials (copy a workbook of less than 10 pages) and provide the facilities.  This would be a good way for you to provide your organization or association with value at little or no cost to you.  Each of these seminars is 2 hours each.



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