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“The quality of leadership more than any other single factor, determines the success or failure of an organization”

Fred Fiedler & Martin Chemers, Improving Leadership Effectiveness

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Strategic Planning

Leadership Development

Managerial and Supervisory Skills Development

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Small Business Focus

No business is to small to benefit from formal growth strategies.  No matter whether you are a business of one or one hundred, if you want to grow your business, we can tailor solution activities that will enable you to realize your goals at costs you can afford.


Improve Business Results!

JMK Associates LLC is a consulting company dedicated to improving business results.  We focus on increasing productivity, reducing costs, strategic planning, leadership development, and other areas which impact the bottom line.  Our approach is to partner with you to understand your business, tailor solutions to your problems, and facilitate solution activities and business plan implementation – all for a predetermined, fixed price.

JMK Associates LLC

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                 Home     Services     About Us     Seminars     Events     Resources     Archives

 Do The Right Things!

Warren Bennis, author of Managing People is like Herding Cats says we have enough managers.  What we need is more leaders.  The difference between a manager and a leader is that managers do things right while leaders do the right thing.  In our rapidly changing world, we need more people doing the right things. We can help you make sure you are doing the right things.

Achieve Full Potential

What’s the worst thing that could happen to you in your business?  It’s not to fail.  Failure would mean you start again.  No, the worst thing that can happen is that you succeed just enough to keep struggling day to day, never really succeeding – but never really failing.     There is nothing worse than just existing when you could be excelling.  We help people and organizations excel -  to grow, to be really successful.  We teach you how to think and plan strategically and to develop the plans and  leadership skills necessary to achieve your full potential.

Get Moving!

For years, physicists thought that the natural state of matter was to be at rest.  Now, they know the natural state is to be in motion.  Many of us are in the unnatural state of being at rest in our business - not really going anywhere.  Let us help you get moving towards the realization of your vision.

Call JMK Associates today and let us custom design a process that will enable your success.


Mike Keesee

President & CEO

JMK Associates LLC

3540 Velma Drive

Powder Springs, GA 30127

770 943 3657